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  • O Abocanhado

    O Abocanhado is a restaurant that mostly values the local raw materials – kid goats and “barrosã” veal, which feed freely in the fields and abuts of Brufe.

    Average price: 25 €
    Distance: 15 km (22 min.)

  • O Vaticano Regional Restaurant

    With a comforting décor, the regional restaurant “O Vaticano”, brings a family, romantic and calm environment that the client appreciates. We suggest “Canoa de Bacalhau à Vaticano” (Vaticano’s Cod Fish canoe), “Espetadas de gambas com lulas“ (shrimp and squid on a stick), ”Medalhão de Lombo de Boi com frutos frescos” (ox steak with fresh fruits), “Tronco de vazio com massa à lavrador” (beef stock with farmer’s pasta), among other dishes.

    Average price: 20 €
    Distance: 7 km (9 min.)

  • Cantinho do Antigamente

    “Cantinho do Antigamente” is a warming restaurant, with a traditional cuisine that aims to show the region’s typical flavours. Typical dishes such as the bean rice with “pataniscas de bacalhau” (fried cod fish with egg and spices), kid goat or stuffed cake are a part of a diversified menu that proudly uses high quality and natural products.

    Average price: 15 €
    Distance: 10,9 km (16 min.)

  • Bem Cozinhado

    Framed by the natural beauty of the Gerês Mountains, the restaurant "Bem Cozinhado" offers its visitors a warming and highly comfortable environment. The space has air conditioning, playground and, inside the farm, green spaces and lakes.

    Average price: 15 €
    Distance: 6,5 km (8 min.)

  • Toca do Caçador

    Located in Moimenta Parrish, in Terras de Bouro Municipality, it has as specialties the homemade “rojões” (fried pork meat) and Cod Fish. With a view of the mountains, it presents as the ideal place to taste the several typical dishes of the region. It has parking lot.

    Average price: 12 €
    Distance: 1,4 km (2 min.)