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  • Carriage Ride

    Horse car rides in the Campo de Gerês village, an opportunity to appreciate nature in a pleasant and relaxing way, 6-seat horse car.

    Time: 1 hour :: Price: 40 € for 2 people (5 € - extra person) ::
    Minimum number of participants: 2 :: Max. Capacity:: 5 Adults

  • Jeep ride

    Adventure in jeeps. It is a practical and comfortable way to go towards nature, get to know people, culture and places. Ride in the Gerês Mountains, with a visit to Albergaria woods, stop to envisage the waterfalls, visit to the Roman Road, to typical villages and a lot more...

    Price per vehicle: 3 hours 90 € :: 6 hours 160 €

  • Rappel

    It is in the steep and impressive slopes of the Gerês Mountains that we find the perfect conditions to practice this activity. Opposing to climbing, Rappel consists in descending a wall, natural or artificial. The use of a rope anchored on the top of the wall and its friction with an “eight”, make the speed of the drop especially moderate.

    Time: 2 hours :: Price: 22 € (includes climbing and slide) :: Minimum number of participants: 10

  • Slide

    This activity consists in travelling between two points with a sharp drop. In each of these points a cable is anchored, with a great tension, and the practitioner has to slide hung by this cable, through a pulley strapped to the baudrier (harness).

    Time: 2 hours :: Price: 22 € (includes climbing and Rappel) :: Minimum number of participants: 10

  • Archery

    Enjoy precision moments, with minimum physical effort, to relieve daily stress. Archery demands its practitioners a large dose of calm, focus and serenity. Through the use and handling of a bow and several arrows, hit the target, in order to achieve the maximum amount of points.

    Price per person: 30 min. 10 €