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  • Climbing

    Enter the game of contact between body and rock and use all your flexibility, skills, focus, dexterity and agility. Take advantage of the natural resources that the Gerês mountains gently grant you and aspire to reach higher, developing a huge sensation of freedom through the stonewalls that cross the sky.

    Time: 2 hours :: Price: 22 € (includes Slide and Rappel) :: Minimum number of participants: 10

  • Quad Biking

    Quad bike ride, adventure in mountain paths. Opportunity to envisage wonderful local landscapes. A guide accompanies these rides.

    Price for 1 person per bike: 30 min. 25 € :: 1 hour 35€ :: 2h30m 70 € :: 5 hours 120 €
    Price for 2 people per bike: 30 min. 35 € :: 1 hour 45€ :: 2h30m 80 € :: 5 hours 130 €

  • Orienteering

    The group will be divided in several teams, which will be identified by numbers or letters. The competition consists in going through a predetermined course, making the link between several checkpoints marked in a map, enjoying the landscape. There are several levels for this activity.

    Price per person: 10 € :: Minimum number of participants: 2

  • Paintball

    Paintball tournament, where each participant will have 100 balls, paint marker (“gun”), complete suite, neck protection, gloves and mask. It is a strategy game that develops team spirit, decision-making, leadership and strategic thinking skills. A referee will always be present.

    Time: ½ day :: Price per person: 18 € :: Minimum number of participants: 2

  • Horse riding

    The friendship relation formed between man and horse becomes an attractive component in leisure and discovery moments, and nothing better than Gerês landscapes for this combination to achieve its peak. Horse initiation and rides in the mountains, between 1 hour and 6 days are the proposals for our clients, granting also that the guide will make these tracks an unique and personalized moment.

    Price per person: 10 min. 8€ :: 30 min. 13 € :: 1 hour 18€
    Minimum number of participants: 2